How to Format Blog Pagination

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Blog pagination. It’s a standard (and we thought simple) part of every blog site. However, we made the unfortunate decision of taking a closer look at how it should be formatted. The conversation sparked a UX controversy within our team.

We looked around the web and couldn’t land on a “best practice”. We’re curious what everyone thinks.

If you dare, here is our convo…

Blog pagination best practices conversation

Oh no, it happened again!

About a month later, the conversation sprung up again. We ultimately landed on looking at this like a timeline, which is essentially what a blog is – pieces of content posted over time, with the newest on top. With that in mind, we narrowed in on ensuring that “newer” or “next” pointed to the right and “older” or “previous” points to the left. We definitely still don’t all agree, but at least we can defend this with some rationalization (even though no one will ever ask, or notice, or care 😓 – such is the life in a creative agency)

If you made it through the first convo, this one is much easier…

Another blog pagination best practices conversation

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