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Pokémon GO: Bulbasaurs and Billions

By: Cory Gray

It’s been a week since the release of Nintendo’s newest Pokémon game and it’s rapidly taking over parks, sidewalks, and millions of landmarks across the World. With more daily users than Twitter in the United States and aspiring Pokémasters taking to social media to share pictures of wild Pokémon, it is nearly impossible to have missed out on the craze. For those still out of the loop, a brief overview of the game can be found on Vox.

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How to Add Birthdays to Calendar on iPhone

Add Birthdays to Your Calendar in iOS

Updated January 2015 for iOS 8

300x250-darkAdmittedly, this is a little bass ackwards.  In order to add a birthday to your calendar on your iPhone, you have to actually go into your Contacts and edit a person’s information there.  Adding a person’s birthday there will then translate to your Calendar app.

  • Open the “Contacts” app or go to a contact through the “Phone” app
  • Tap “Edit”
  • Scroll down a bit to the “add birthday” option to add this person’s birthday

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Properly Set Up Syncing Messages on iOS and Mac

Sync Messages on iOSI don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve had a heck of a time getting all of my messages to properly sync between my iPhone, iPad, and Messages application on my Mac.  I think part of the issue is that I’m a developer and early adopter and the system wasn’t quite completely ready when I started using it so I had to sort of tweak some settings to get it to basically work the way one would expect.  In tweaking those settings, I think I may have messed some things up. Read the Rest

iOS5 Quick Tips

As I begin to explore iOS5, I wanted to keep a little list going of some of my favorite things, or even just things that may not be totally obvious to the average user.

Quick, Direct Access to the Camera

Apple read my mind on this one. I always hated when a photo opp came about unannounced and by the time I’d get my phone out, unlock it, go to my camera app, and launch it, the opportunity had come and gone. Read the Rest

Email Your Voicemail Messages to Friends

As I'm writing this, it's my birthday and I have received numerous birthday messages from friends that were too funny not to be able to share with other people.  For years now I've been trying to come up with an easy solution to get my voicemail from my phone into some kind of digital format that cane be shared, mp3, mp4, etc. Read the Rest

Sync Facebook Birthdays with Address Book

This is a tip for Facebook and Address Book users.  iPhone owners know that Facebook added a neat feature awhile ago to that allows you to sync your friend's profile pictures with your contact information right within the Facebook app.  This way, when a friend calls you, their facebook profile picture displays on your screen.  If you weren't aware, you can go to your friends list within the iPhone app and at the top right is a button called "Sync", tap on that and from there is it pretty self-explanatory. Read the Rest

Turn on Caps Lock on Your iPhone | Quick Tip

I know by now most people know all the little secrets about the iPhone, but I was surprised to find a few people that didn't know that you could enable Caps Lock on your iPhone. All you have to do is go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn on the "Enable Caps Lock" toggle.  Now, when you are typing an email or text message, just double tap shift and you'll see the key highlighted in blue signifying that Caps Lock is enabled.  You are now ready to SHOUT in your messages. Any other good tips?  Leave them in the comments below...

Create a Custom, Personalized Image Collage Wallpaper for Your iPhone

Here is a quick tip on creating a cool iphone wallpaper collage using only your iphone! All you need is the facebook application, and I will assume if you are an iPhone user that you also have the facebook app.

Here’s what to do. Open up the facebook application on your iphone and navigate to one of your favorite photo albums. When you open the album, it shows a collage of thumbnails. All we want to do is take a screenshot of this view and then set it as our wallpaper. Read the Rest

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Force Your iPhone to Power Off or Shutdown

This has never happened to me in all my time of owning my iPhone, but the screen completely locked up on me.  I wasn't sure what to do, but I tried holding down the power button and then the home button for a few seconds and it forced the phone to shutdown.  This doesn't seem to be very well documented so I thought I'd share! Read the Rest

Transfer Music/Video/Pictures from iPhone/iPod to Mac

Pod To MacI recently came across the best free solution for transferring music from your iPod or iPhone to your Mac.  I have tried lots of programs and this is by the far the easiest way to get music off of your iPhone or iPod and on to your computer without paying for an application.

All you have to do is download this great app called Pod to Mac.  It is so easy to use I could probably just stop now, but I will give some quick instructions. Read the Rest