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Pokémon GO: Bulbasaurs and Billions

By: Cory Gray

It’s been a week since the release of Nintendo’s newest Pokémon game and it’s rapidly taking over parks, sidewalks, and millions of landmarks across the World. With more daily users than Twitter in the United States and aspiring Pokémasters taking to social media to share pictures of wild Pokémon, it is nearly impossible to have missed out on the craze. For those still out of the loop, a brief overview of the game can be found on Vox.

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How to Send Cash Online

Sending cash online has existed for quite awhile, but it always required several steps of signing up for a service, linking a bank account, authorizing accounts, yadda yadda yadda. And on top of that, the recipient had to use the same service. So if you were anxious to try out a service like Venmo, you’d have to convince all your friends to sign up and stop using PayPal, for example.

Square has turned that whole process on its head with the new Square Cash service.  We tested it, and it’s a breeze to get working.  While keeping a few security tips in mind, we think it’s an ingenious way to simplify the process of sending cash online. Why? Because…

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Sync Billings Across Multiple Computers with Dropbox

Sync Billings with DropboxAnyone that uses Billings knows how great of a program it is.  It lets you easily manage, track time, and invoice all your projects (for more info about Billings, check out their site). The one major complaint I've had though, is that its database has to live on one machine...unless of course you can sync that database across multiple computers to gain access to all of your company info from all of your computers. Read the Rest