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2015 Brand Resolutions

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We are half-way through the first month of 2015, the holidays have passed and the new year dust has settled. It is now time to push forward and get serious about making better business decisions that will keep your company succeeding not only in 2015, but well into the future.

For starters, we’ve put together a ‘2015 Brand Resolutions’ checklist of sorts, with some stats to help explain why each item is worth pursuing if you haven’t yet.

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Mobile Website Best Practices

Mobile Website Best Practices

By now I’m sure you’ve heard a million times – if your business doesn’t have a mobile website, you should. We’ve discussed the importance of being accessible on mobile – how you are missing out on a very large consumer segment if you aren’t, and given a number of statistics to support this claim.

So you’ve got a mobile or responsive website, now what?

It’s important to make sure your audience is getting the best possible user-friendly experience when visiting your site. A user-friendly experience means a user will stay on your site longer, easily find what they are looking for and come away with a positive experience. All of these things work in your favor toward earning you more business.

We’ve put together an infographic that highlights the top mobile website best practices, so you can make sure your mobile website does it right.

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Should I Use Responsive Design?

Should I Use Responsive Design?

What is Responsive Design?

Before we dive in, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.  Responsive design is a web design and development strategy that implements fluid design elements allowing a site to adapt or respond to varying screen sizes and resolutions.  In simplest terms – it works on mobile phones, it works on tablets, it works on “phablets” (big phones or little tablets), it works on netbooks, it works on laptops, it works on desktops, it can even work on smart televisions.  It eliminates the need for a separate design and unique code for every new device that enters the market (which seemingly happens daily!). Read the Rest

T-Shirt Design for Charity

Walk For the Little Dude - JDRF T-Shirt Design

We’ve had a blast working with the Kreikemeier family on this T-Shirt design for “Team Jackson” and the JDRF walk. Diabetes has touched our family in numerous ways but we’re fighting back and working towards a cure! This walk and the organization do great work towards reaching the goal of a cure in Jack’s lifetime. You can learn more about Jackson’s story here: