Consumption vs. Contribution – 2018 New Year’s Resolution

By Matt Kreikemier / @callmegoon


  • My resolution this year is to write more.
  • Prioritize content creation vs. my overindulgent content consumption.
  • My plan for success…
  • Wednesday and Friday are “contribution” days.
  • I can only create content on contribution days.
  • The rest of the days are “consumption” days.
  • I’m allowed to consume content on consumption days, but if inspiration strikes, I’m allowed to create content any day.

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Social Media Comparison Infographic

Last Updated: August 2017

Editor’s Note: We will attempt to keep this updated roughly every six months. Check back for updated statistics. All previous versions are archived at the end of this article. Thanks to everyone who has contributed feedback to keep this graphic as accurate as possible.

With all of the various social media outlets that people are using these days, we thought it would be nice to come up with an infographic that breaks down each of the most popular social outlets into digestible snippets demonstrating advantages of each and how they can be best utilized.  Learn how to best leverage each platform with this social media comparison infographic.  Enjoy!

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16 Reviews to Review 2016

By: Matt Kreikemeier
Founder // Technology Director

1. My home got way smarter.

For me, 2016 was definitely the year of the smart home. As a (generally) early-adopter, I feel ashamed at how late I was to this party, but I finally caved to the Alexa craze, and I feel like I've seen the future — it's hands-free.

"Alexa, turn on the downstairs lights."
"Alexa, set the thermostat to 70."
"Alexa, play Kidz Bop."
"Alexa, what's the weather today."
"Alexa, did the Cardinals win last night?"

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Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s been another great year at Leverage and we have so much to be thankful for! With new hires, new office space, and new family members – it’s been busy!

The year started off right with our Creative Director, Laura, welcoming adorable twin boys William and Aidan. 👶👶 Not to be outdone, Leverage would add a couple new faces as well when Cory and Ogi joined the team to help with our ever-expanding client list.

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How to Format Blog Pagination

Blog pagination. It’s a standard (and we thought simple) part of every blog site. However, we made the unfortunate decision of taking a closer look at how it should be formatted. The conversation sparked a UX controversy within our team.

We looked around the web and couldn’t land on a “best practice”. We’re curious what everyone thinks.

If you dare, here is our convo…

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Weekly Round-Up

Oh, where the internet can take you!  We thought we’d share an inside glimpse into what is inspiring us this week.  We hope you enjoy!  Feel free to share your thoughts and neat finds from the week in the comments section below.  Read the Rest

Pokémon GO: Bulbasaurs and Billions

By: Cory Gray

It’s been a week since the release of Nintendo’s newest Pokémon game and it’s rapidly taking over parks, sidewalks, and millions of landmarks across the World. With more daily users than Twitter in the United States and aspiring Pokémasters taking to social media to share pictures of wild Pokémon, it is nearly impossible to have missed out on the craze. For those still out of the loop, a brief overview of the game can be found on Vox.

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The SXSW Experience – 2016

A few weeks ago, we attended SXSW Interactive 2016 in downtown Austin — and it did not disappoint.   There was so much to learn, take in, and explore, it was a truly rewarding experience.  From brand experiences, startups, and technology, to marketing tips and life-hacking advice, we thought we’d round up and share some of our favorite take-aways from the trip. Read the Rest

Nestlé Purina Digital Summit Recap

Leverage has had a great start to the year and a big part of that was getting to work on and attend Purina’s annual Digital Summit – a marketing conference in St. Louis, home of their headquarters, that brings together brand teams and agency partners for a couple days of inspiring conversations and presentations.  It’s always nice to take a few days off from the regular grind and get re-inspired by our industry and the talented players within it.

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